Eva Mendes Had the Perfect Response to a Troll Who Said She's Getting Old

Eva Mendes responded to a troll who said that she's getting old on Instagram.

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  • On Saturday afternoon, actress Eva Mendes took to Instagram to share a video of herself at a design meeting.
  • A troll hopped into the comment section to criticize Mendes' appearance, writing that she was "getting old."
  • Instead of ignoring the comment, Mendes shot back, replying that getting old is a good thing and that's she grateful to be aging.

Eva Mendes isn't afraid of aging, thank you very much.

On Saturday, the actress shared a new video on Instagram showing off her new haircut during a design meeting.

"⁣Back to work. Design meeting," Mendes wrote in the clip's caption. "My coworker getting her kicks and teasing me about my “cute” new hair. Thanks to @giannandreahair for making my mom life a helluva lot easier. 🖤Saturday meeting aesthetic ...EM for @nyandcompany Reilly Blazer and Qiana Palazzo pant which I lorve so much. Avail online if you care. Thought I’d let you know since lots of you ask what I’m wearing. 🖤"

A troll took it upon themselves to leave some judgment in the comments, writing, "She's getting old."

Instead of just ignoring the shade, Mendes took to the comments herself to reply—and perfectly shut down the problematic remark.

"Yes your right," she wrote. "Thank God I’m getting old. That means I’m still here. I’m gonna be 46 soon and grateful everyday that I’m aging. Was your comment suppose to make me feel bad? It didn’t. It makes me feel grateful. So thank you for the reminder that I’m still here. ❤️❤️❤️."

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In the caption of the original post, Mendes added a message for the fans who use the comment section for good, writing, "Sending you all some extra love right now and always. Thank you for always sending me so much positivity and love through your comments. I read most of them when I can and it makes me so happy that there’s so much love around. I send it all right back. Ten fold. 🖤"

Comments by Celebs captured the troll's comment and Mendes' reply:

eva mendes

(Image credit: @evamendes)

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