Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Adopted a Doberman Puppy Named Lucho

Those paws, tho.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are a couple who love their dogs—and have suffered some heartbreaking pet losses over the past few years. Eva lost Hugo, her Belgian Malinois, recently, telling People, "He prepped me for motherhood." And Ryan lost George, partner in the greatest paparazzi photo of all time (yes, I'm referring to Ryan carrying George up an escalator), back in 2016; the following year, he wore a T-shirt bearing George's photo as he hosted Saturday Night Live. But here's some happy news: There's a new dog in Mendes and Gosling's lives, according to Eva's Instagram, and his name is Lucho. 

Lucho is a Doberman puppyPeople reports, and he is positively adorable. Eva shared a photo cuddling her new pup, seizing the moment to urge her followers to adopt, not shop, or to donate to the Friends for Life Rescue Network where she met Lucho. "If you’re looking for a fluffy family member, adoption is a great option. So many little dudes out there needing a home," she wrote.

"If you’re not able to have a pet but love animals, you can donate to this nonprofit. All donations are tax deductible. Your donation helps keep animals off the streets and out of shelters where they euthanize," Eva added. 

Lucho's landed on his paws at the Mendes-Gosling household, where he's likely to be absolutely adored. Speaking about Hugo to People in September 2018, Eva said, "I would just talk to him and I would treat him like a person, like, I think, most dog lovers do. I just have that bond that will be there … He may be gone, but that feeling has never left me. It is one of the most special presences in my life."

And Ryan is probably going to cherish Lucho just as much, if his bond with George is anything to go by. In 2017, he chatted to Ellen DeGeneres about his late pup, as Vanity Fair reports, saying, "There was something about George where...I think he felt like being a dog was beneath him. He would not do tricks. If you wanted him to sit down, you had to sort of convince him it was in his best interest. Like, 'Look, we’re gonna be in this car for about three hours, so if you want to sit down you might be more comfortable this way.' Then he might consider it."

Quick q: Is it weird to get emotional about two strangers' dogs?

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