Luna Stephens Struggled to Carry Petey the Puppy in the Absolute Cutest Video

"Petey getting huger every day ahhhhhh," Chrissy Teigen tweeted.

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Remember back in January, when Chrissy Teigen and John Legend got a new puppy, Petey, and Luna and Miles were immediately and very understandably obsessed? And remember when Teigen explained that Petey was a caramel standard poodle, adopted by the family from the Wagmor Pet Hotel & Spa after he was abandoned alongside his whole family? And remember how Teigen remarked on the size of Petey's father, tweeting, "if he’s anything like his dad, he will be the biggest caramel Gumby ever seen"? Well, that was a very prescient tweet, because Teigen just posted a video of Luna attempting to carry Petey a mere month-and-a-bit later, and he's already approximately three times the size. Enjoy:

Teigen shared an extended version of the clip on her Instagram story, commenting, "Look how big Petey's getting! What a big boy!" before asking Luna, "Can you carry him still?" Luna's confident response: "Yes!" Then, adorably, she attempts to pick up the pup, succeeding only in lifting his front legs off the ground. I'd strongly advise you to watch until the end of the video, and take a moment to absorb Petey's giant eyes gazing at the camera as he wags his tiny little tail. That mini wag has completed my Tuesday and soothed my soul!

If you're wondering how Peanut Butter the hamster is, by the way, the answer is excellent and glamorous. Last month, Teigen shared a hostage-style video to confirm PB was very much alive, after her Twitter followers incessantly questioned her about the hamster's welfare. Yesterday, she confirmed Peanut Butter was very much living in luxury, sporting the finest couture:

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