People Think Hannah Ann Sluss Deserves So Much Better Than Peter on 'The Bachelor'

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The first part of the two-episode finale of The Bachelor brought drama, tears—mostly Barb's (love you, Barb)—and the abrupt departure of Madison Prewett, the woman we now know was the frontrunner for Peter Weber's heart all along. Prewett's doubts began to set in when she learned that Weber had had sex with her fellow contestants and she ultimately dumped him in Australia, telling him that they just weren't on the same page. Which leaves Weber and Hannah Ann Sluss, the de facto winner now Prewett is gone. Except Weber didn't tell her that, because...well, I don't know why he didn't tell her that.

Honestly, the last half-hour of that episode was pretty excruciating, and I'm not just talking about how weirdly supportive Weber's family are in regard to his sex life. After Prewett left (for very good reasons, I should add—their faith and goals weren't in line, she explained), Weber spent the rest of the episode with Sluss, who (erroneously) believed that she was one of two women left vying for Weber's heart. This was, um, not true. Sluss, believing firmly that she was still competing for Weber against Prewett, laid all her cards out on the table, explaining how certain she was about him and how ready she was for her life together. Weber, meanwhile, sort of umm'd and ahh'd and did not mention the crucial fact that she was the only person left.

Sluss fell relatively under the radar during this season, not quite becoming the fan favorite that, say, Rachel Lindsay or Kaitlyn Bristowe were, but also not making any enemies or causing much drama (I'm not counting Champagnegate, which was clearly a setup by producers). But this episode, for the first time, made viewers sit up and realize that Sluss deserved better. Not only does she deserve someone who reciprocates her feelings, but she deserves a person who will tell her if she's become the de facto fiancé of the show.

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