Peter Weber Shut Down Mom Barbara After That Now-Famous Crying Moment

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 24
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It was the emotional monologue heard 'round the world (well, if "world" is a euphemism for "every Bachelor preview ever"). Barbara Weber, Peter's mom, finally broke down and sobbed the now-famous line: "Bring her home to us!"—again, "famous" is a euphemism here—while begging her son to pick one of the contestants. We all thought it was Madison—but no! It's actually Hannah Ann Sluss, who Barbara unexpectedly loved and wanted to be her daughter-in-law! (Oh, God, I wouldn't want to be Madison watching this right now.)

And Peter's response? Honestly, considering all the build-up to that moment—it was the Jumping the Fence of this season!—it's hilarious. I quote: "You gotta stop doing this." Which, um, yes. Barb, I love you, but everybody knows you can't take sides on a romantic partner unless you're very sure that it won't blow up in your face. Let alone if your son still has two girlfriends!

Anyway, here's the moment:

And, yeah, people had thoughts.

There Were a Lot of "Bud"s?

Peter's Mom Is Kind of Invested In His Sex Life

I mean, good on her for promoting sex positivity in her son, I guess?

Some People Agreed With Her

But He Really Fought Back

Me? #TeamBarb all the way.

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