Gisele Shows Us Her Go-To Dance Moves and More While Playing Pop Quiz

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Is there anything Gisele Bündchen can't do? The model, environmental activist, and mother of two is on the cover of Marie Claire's April 2020 Changemakers issue, where she discusses how she's helping create a more sustainable world...starting right at home. She's also celebrating her 11th anniversary as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) this year—and has no plans of stopping her work anytime soon.

"I believe our responsibility is to take care of the earth and its natural resources," she says. "Our survival depends on it. My goal in life is to leave the earth in a better place for future generations."

In Gisele's Pop Quiz video, where MC asks cover stars to answer fun, random questions about themselves, we learn that the 39-year-old is an excellent handyman, her friends call her "LC," a.k.a. "life coach," and she'll never miss watching her husband's football games on TV (for those of you unfamiliar, that would be NFL legend Tom Brady). Watch Gisele's full Pop Quiz video, above, then read her April 2020 cover story here.

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