Watch the Queen's Address to the Commonwealth about the Coronavirus Pandemic

"While we have faced challenges before, this one is different."

The Queen
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  • On Sunday night, at 8 p.m. in the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II delivered a televised address to the UK and the Commonwealth about the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The speech was broadcast on television and radio, as well as live on the Royal Family's social media channels.
  • In the speech, the Queen stressed the importance of social distancing and isolation and her gratitude for healthcare workers.

On Sunday night, Queen Elizabeth delivered a televised address to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth (and, thanks to the power of social media, to the entire world, really) about the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

The Queen began by acknowledging the struggles, both personal and financial, many have faced since the beginning of the pandemic. She went on to thank healthcare workers and all citizens who are doing their part to stop the spread of the virus by practicing social distancing and staying at home as much as possible.

"Those self-isolating may at times be hard. Many people of all faiths and of none are discovering that it presents an opportunity to slow down, to pause and reflect in prayer or meditation. It reminds me of the very first broadcast I made, in 1940, helped by my sister," she said, referring to her World War II address.

Addresses like this one from the monarch are rare. In fact, the Queen has only addressed the nation three times before this since she took the throne in 1952—at the start of the Gulf War in 1991, after Princess Diana's death in 1997, and following the death of the Queen Mother in 2002.

"While we have faced challenges before, this one is different," the Queen said near the end of her speech. "This time, we join with all nations across the globe in a common endeavor, using the great advances of science and our instinctive compassion to heal. We will succeed and that success will belong to every one of us."

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