Chrissy Teigen Shut Down an Instagram Commenter Who Said She Was "Balding"

An Instagram commenter said Teigen looked like she was "balding" in a runway photo she posted, to which she responded, "People just f--kin suck."

  • Chrissy Teigen does not take kindly to body-shaming, as she's demonstrated on social media in the past.
  • On Monday, a commenter said the supermodel and cookbook author looked like she was "balding" in a runway photo she posted.
  • "lmao," Teigen responded, adding, "People just fuckin suck."

To merely exist on the internet is to be the constant target of legions of trolls, as Chrissy Teigen is no doubt all too aware. Teigen, a literal supermodel, has been forced to fend off a truly absurd amount of body-shaming over her years on the internet—and on Monday, she shut down one Instagram commenter with an unusually specific complaint.

Teigen shared a photo from a few years ago on Instagram, in which she poses in lace-up knee high boots, white underwear, and very little else. Naturally, she looks stunning! But that didn't stop one commenter swooping in with an extremely backhanded compliment: "Awe your hair grew in! I very much did not enjoy your photo from yesterday with balding hair on runway," the commenter wrote. "Much better! Congratulations and thank you."

For context, it sounds like the comment was in reference to this 2011 throwback shot, which Teigen captioned, "the hell is this hair."

Teigen initially responded to the "balding" comment with a simple yet effective "lmao," which led some followers to hope that the comment was actually a joke between friends. "please tell me u kno this person and they playin with you?" one wrote. "I'm over here like why ppl so damn rude!" But alas, no. Teigen replied, "of course I don't. People just fuckin suck lol." Ah, the internet!

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