The Queen Banned the Royal Family From Playing This One Board Game

Things get "too vicious," apparently.

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  • As monarch Queen Elizabeth remains at home in Windsor indefinitely due to the coronavirus, there's a rather silly story about which board game the Royal Family can't play at home.
  • The game, you ask? Monopoly, because "it gets too vicious." I am delighted by this whole thing, TBH.
  • Looking for some Queenly nostalgia? The Royal Family released a beautiful, personal video of Elizabeth as a youngster for her recent birthday.

You guys, this story has made my entire week. According to Express, there's one game the Royal Family will not be playing as they remain quarantined—and that game is Monopoly, because the Queen has apparently "banned" it from being played at home. 

And, before anyone says anything, no, this is not a story about the Queen being a tyrant or imposing insane restrictions, etc. etc. It's just based on a (kind of adorable?) anecdote from 2008 that I'm just going to leave here:

"In December 2008, Prince Andrew attended Leeds Building Society’s newly-refurbished Albion Street headquarters. Before he left the Duke of York was given the property board game Monopoly to mark his visit.

"However, Andrew had to politely decline the game as he reportedly revealed: 'We are not allowed to play Monopoly at home.' The Daily Telegraph reported Andrew explained the game could cause arguments within the family, as 'it gets too vicious.'"

Guys, I cannot help but love this so much. It has everything I want! In my mind, the Queen dominating everything and winning every time (or playing the role of the banker, because, obviously). Family members wailing "Mum!" "Granny!" "Great-granny!" at the unfairness of it all. Cards and pieces and (eventually the board) going flying. Actually that last one's probably just Monopoly at my house—we have a lot of competitive people—but in my mind that's exactly how it works out.

Seriously, just imagine this Monopoly game, and tell me that's not the most amazing thing.

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So intense (keep an eye on Charlotte, I bet she's sneakily the best player).