Gwyneth Paltrow Took a Selfie With Her Doppelgänger Daughter Apple

Gwyneth Paltrow shared a summery selfie with her doppelgänger daughter Apple, and as always, the two look so alike it's a little scary.

gwyneth paltrow daughter apple double
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Listen: I've written about the extreme similarity between Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter, Apple, before, and essentially nothing has changed in that regard since. But I am still entirely floored by how alike they look every time I see a photo, and Paltrow just posted a new selfie of the mother-daughter duo, and as a result I am compelled to write about it again. I'm sorry! It is compulsory! Look at them!

In May, Paltrow posted a series of photos of Apple in order to celebrate her 16th birthday. Again, Apple looked exactly like her mom in the pics (with a healthy dose of her dad, Chris Martin, in there too).

Paltrow shared a moving tribute to her daughter to accompany the photos. "I can’t believe I’m actually writing these words but... happy sweet sixteen my darling girl," she wrote. "You are the light of my heart, you are pure joy. You are wickedly intelligent and you have the best, most dry, most brilliant sense of humor. I have the best time being your mom."

"I love our nightly evening chats when I really get to hear what’s on your mind," Paltrow continued. "You work hard to get whatever it is you want to achieve, and you have grit and responsibility in spades. I am so damn lucky to be your mother, you beautiful, kind young woman. Thank you for choosing me. I adore you to the moon and back a zillion times."

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beverly hills, california january 05 gwyneth paltrow attends the 77th annual golden globe awards at the beverly hilton hotel on january 05, 2020 in beverly hills, california photo by axellebauer griffinfilmmagic

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