Prince William Admitted His Staff Stop Him From Tweeting

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  • Prince William recently appeared on a special episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast.
  • He revealed that he does not control the @KensingtonPalace Twitter account—and in fact, his staff keep him away from it.
  • William admitted he tweeted without prior authorization on two occasions.

    It's unlikely that anyone remains under the illusion that Prince William and Kate Middleton themselves are at the helm of the official @KensingtonPalace Twitter account. But Prince William just revealed that not only does he not control the account, but his staff actively keep him away from it, lest he fire off an unapproved tweet or 10.

    William recently appeared on the BBC's That Peter Crouch Podcast, and spoke to former soccer player Crouch about his Twitter presence, laughing that his staff "deliberately keep [him] away" from the official palace account. The Duke of Cambridge admitted that he had wrested control of the account on a few recent occasions, as People reports —notably, when Liverpool won the Champions League semi-final against Barcelona in May 2019.

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    "When Liverpool did that amazing [game against Barcelona] I went mental, I grabbed the Twitter thing and I just posted it," William said. "It was an amazing match. I was literally blown away by it. It was one of the best games of football I've ever seen. And I got completely out of control and I just went, 'Tweet that, get it out. Give it here!'" As unauthorized, "out of control" tweets go, it's pretty mild: "Well done Liverpool - an incredible result, what a comeback! W," he tweeted.

    William said the itch to tweet is most profound when his soccer team of choice, Aston Villa, wins a match. "Nearly every Villa game we've won, which hasn't been many this season, I've been trying to get a hold of it," he said. "They keep it away from me now. I have to fight them for it."

    Still, he did succeed on one occasion: Last Sunday, when Aston Villa narrowly avoided relegation. Again, William didn't tweet anything too outlandish:

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