Prince William and Kate Middleton Shared a Candid Photo to Celebrate Prince Harry's Birthday

Harry just turned 36.

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton posted a candid photo of Prince Harry on social media to celebrate his 36th birthday.
  • The snap was taken in 2017, when William, Kate, and Harry took part in a relay race at a Heads Together event.
  • Some commenters noted, however, that the Cambridges chose a photo that didn't include Meghan Markle, which could be considered a snub.

Though the rift between Princes William and Harry is reportedly nowhere near resolved, William and Kate still shared a sweet photo on social media to mark Harry's 36th birthday. The Cambridges posted a snap of Harry absolutely destroying them both in a race, with the caption, "Wishing a very happy birthday to Prince Harry today!" Some commenters did point out, however, that Meghan Markle is notably absent from the photo, which could be interpreted as a snub.

The race itself took place in February 2017, as Town & Country reports, during an event for the royals' Heads Together initiative. Harry, William, and Kate all ran a leg of a relay race, with Harry quickly securing the lead. Watch the royals run below:

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