Martha Hunt Shares Her Favorite Jewelry in 'Precious Metals'

"Jewelry gives me joy because it's the ultimate form of self-expression," says the new face of Bulgari.

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So many of us have that one piece of jewelry rich in history or steeped with sentimental value. In our new video series Precious Metals, we'll be sharing said stories behind the jewelry pieces of your favorite celebrities, influencers, and power brokers. In this episode, model Martha Hunt takes us inside the jewelry box, showing off her favorite arm candy, including a dazzling bracelet and an empowering necklace with an inspiring backstory. As Bulgari's newest U.S. ambassador, her jewelry collection—expectedly—contains some unbelievable pieces.

"Jewelry gives me joy because it's the ultimate form of self-expression, and wearing it is basically wearing a part of you," Hunt shares. "You want to show your best self to the world. You want to put your best foot forward. And you feel like a queen when you're decked out in the best, most amazing jewelry."

Hunt reveals that she loves Bulgari's B.Zero1 rings and the brand's Serpenti bracelet because both pieces are simultaneously modern and timeless. "I can not stand it, the elegance of this [bracelet]," Hunt says. "I love this piece because you feel powerful when wearing it. There's nothing like diamonds to really transform your mood and make you feel like the most fabulous human being on earth. They make me feel really chic even on my bad days."

The model also spotlights several meaningful gifts she's received: her engagement ring from fiancé Jason McDonald (the pair announced their engagement in January) and a vintage Rolex that her father gave to her, which he received from his grandfather. And Hunt got a little emotional discussing a necklace she helped design made from titanium—just like the titanium in her spine.

"I have scoliosis and I made this necklace for a scoliosis support group called Curvy Girl Scoliosis," Hunt shares. "One side says inégal, which is French for uneven, as in uneven spine, but it can mean anything these days, like uneven in your mental health. A lot of us are feeling uneven these days and that's totally understandable. And one side says resilient, because I truly believe that going through this sclerosis journey is a testament to your resilience and that goes for many conditions out there that are not getting the type of representation that it deserves."

After watching Hunt walk us through her jewelry collection, it's clear she has amazing taste in jewelry, selecting pieces that are not only gorgeous, but also contain the kind of stories you can't replicate.


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