Trixie Mattel & Katya Show Off Their Most Colorful and Bold Jewelry

"I love an earring that makes you want to build a whole outfit around that earring."

Next up in Marie Claire's Precious Metals series, we're featuring not one but two dynamic personalities: Trixie Mattel and Katya. The drag queens rose to fame after RuPaul's Drag Race season seven and even hosted their own comedy show together on Viceland titled The Trixie & Katya Show. Since both ladies are well-versed in the art of dressing up and performing in front of a crowd, their jewelry collection is as statement-worthy as you'd expect.

For Mattel, earrings play a large role in her wardrobe. "I like functional earrings, it needs to be lightweight, cool to look at it, and comfortable to wear," she says. She prefers this type for shows, when she is in dramatic hair and makeup. But for her YouTube, red carpets, and television, that's where her "earring game really shines"—think bold and extravagant. Case in point: Mattel shows off a pair of fun pink shell earrings from @thegirlnamedkyle, followed by another set of earrings that look like miniature cowboy boots. Fun fact about all this, though—Mattel is actually allergic to metals so she needs to wrap the back of her earrings in tape, so they don't touch her ears.

Meanwhile, Katya dishes on her collection of brooches: "I never wear a brooch unless it has a story and all brooches have stories," she says. "This owl was given to me by Linda Hamilton on the set of Terminator 3. Multicolor flower was given to me by Rene Russo on the set of The Thomas Crown Affair, right before she tried to kill Pierce Brosnan. That [a glittery bee motif brooch] was stolen from a Penn Station bathroom." (I personally LOL-ed at the last part.) Katya also adds that jewelry doesn't have to necessarily be limited to rings and necklaces but also bedazzled jewels, like the DIY Swarovski crystals she put on her tights. "These I'm going to pass down to my granddaughter. She's going to be a Rockette. I just hope she's a size 10."

Both drag queens own an impressive amount of jewelry that will be sure to capture your attention, so watch the video and then take some inspo from them to apply to your own style.

Marina Liao
Fashion Editor

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