Lana Del Rey Was Slammed For Wearing a Mesh Face Mask to a Meet and Greet With Fans

Lana Del Rey wore a mesh face mask to meet fans at a Los Angeles book signing Friday, where she was photographed in direct contact with at least one fan.

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  • Lana Del Rey wore a mesh face mask to meet fans at a Los Angeles book signing Friday.
  • Del Rey was photographed in direct contact with at least one fan.
  • The mask has sparked outrage on social media, with Del Rey facing criticism from her own fanbase.

Lana Del Rey has sparked outrage on social media after wearing a mesh face mask to a book signing in Los Angeles. Del Rey appeared at the Barnes & Noble at the Grove on Friday, as the Independent reports, where she read from her poetry book Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass and held a meet and greet with fans. She wore a glittery mesh face mask which appeared to provide no barrier to respiratory droplets at the event.

Los Angeles County guidance states that everyone should wear a cloth face mask "when they are interacting with others who are not members of their household in public and private spaces." According to the Independent, Del Rey's sister, Caroline “Chuck” Grant, said the singer had "tested negative" and was "standing more than six feet away." Photos obtained by PopCrave, however, show Del Rey standing next to her fans, making direct contact with at least one. 

Del Rey's fans condemned the singer for wearing the mask, which she pulled down below her mouth at one point during the reading. "YOU MAKE IT SO HARD TO STAN PLEASEE WEAR A PROPER MASK," one fan wrote on Instagram. "I’m trying so hard to love you but please wear a real mask...." another commented. "Girl we’re in the middle of a pandemic," a third wrote.

Del Rey has yet to directly address the criticism. On Sunday, however, she posted a video of herself reading a poem inside a vehicle while wearing a cloth mask, which she removed at the end of the video. "Finally wearing a proper mask," one fan commented.


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