Miles Stephens Hilariously Hid in the Background of Chrissy and John's Glamour Shot

The cutest Grammys cameo ever, or the cutest Grammys cameo ever?

In these times of social distancing, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend weren't able to attend the Grammys IRL this year—and so they celebrated at home, Legend in an incredible Versace bathrobe and Teigen in a stunning black corset-style dress. The couple marked the night—which included a Grammy for Legend for R&B Album of the Year—by posing for a series of adorable photos, which Teigen posted to Twitter and Facebook. Eagle-eyed fans noticed Miles Stephens, their almost three-year-old son, hidden in the background, and let me tell you, it's a mood.

"House Grammys 2021!!!" Teigen posted to Twitter and Instagram, tagging stylist Monica Rose, hairstylist Irinel de León, and makeup artist Kristine Studden. Who all did a truly excellent job, by the way, if these photos are any indication. Behold:

But scroll through to that last photo there, and...

Miles, the ultimate 2020/2021/whatever we're going to call this period in our lives mood, quickly became a meme.

Miles' outfit also bears a striking resemblance to the outfits I've been wearing since March of 2021—cozy gray sweats and a bright hoodie—but Miles looks adorable in his, while I have spent twelve months and counting looking like a swamp monster while wearing that exact same expression. Extremely unfair.