Lizzo and Niall Horan Adorably Tested Their Compatibility on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

They also discussed *that* Drake Lyric.

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Niall Horan guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live and invited award-winning singer Lizzo to join him. The two went on to spend the whole segment jokingly flirting with each other for our viewing pleasure.

Since the two have so much chemistry, Horan thought he'd formally test their compatibility on television—because why not? "All of my fans, and I'm sure your fans too, feel like we should date," Horan said. "Maybe they're onto something! ... But before we commit, we should maybe see if we're, like, good for each other."

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He went on to ask her some very important questions that would be sure deal breakers in any relationship, like at what point he'd be allowed to fart in front of her. Look, these things need to be talked through, alright?

"If we get married, would you make me sign a pre-nup?" was Horan's first question. "Wait a minute, who got more money?" was Lizzo's very sensible answer. "You know, I trust you, we wouldn't have to sign a pre-nup," she added. "I love you, and I trust you," Horan replied.

"If we had a three-way, who would be the third person?" was another of Horan's very daring questions. Lizzo didn't actually answer this one, but the camera did pan to someone on set—so there you have it.

The last question was less a question and more a request. "Turn me on with your sexiest animal noise," the ex-One Directioner said. Lizzo treated him (and us) to her "really sexy hawk"—and Horan contributed a "small lamb or a big goat's" bleat. Lovely. When's the wedding?

Also importantly, addressing a much-discussed lyric from her song "Rumors" with Cardi B ("no, I ain't f*ck Drake yet"), Horan asked, "Have you heard from Drake? Has he heard about this?" Lizzo smiled knowingly and answered, "I think he's heard the no. 4 song in the country." Good point well made. "Actually I have heard from Drake, but that's all Imma say on that," she added.


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