Behind The Scenes with Salma Hayek

Behind the Scenes of Marie Claire's Cover Shoot with Salma Hayek

salma hayek getting makeup applied for photo shoot
(Image credit: Kristen Schaefer)

"No one has her eyes; they're the richest chocolate. And her skin! It's a perfect mocha. There's not a pore." -Makeup Artist Matthew Vanleeuwen

The Eyes Have It: Salma Hayek's cover look is also makeup artist Matthew Vanleeuwen's all-time favorite - updated mod.

"I focus on the eyes my making the mouth neutral and the cheeks soft. Skin glows, and the accentuated eyes really draw you in."

Do Try This At Home: The best neutrals for lips? For darker skin, caramel beige. Try Nars Blonde Venus with MAC's Stripdown lip liner. For paler skin, pink-beige. Try Bobbi Brown's Pale Pink lipstick with Nars Passion lip liner.

salma hayek

(Image credit: Ruven Afanador)

Wig Out: Hayek looked fabulous sporting the season's bob, but ultimately it was no match for her own gorgeous locks and brand-new bangs. Her skin literally glowed--little did we know a newish pregnancy was probably the reason! How else to explain her wolfing down a burger and fries between shots?

Bags of Style: Hayek arrived at the shoot still riding high on her Golden Globes triumph (she is the executive producer of ABC's Ugly Betty, which snagged the Best Comedy Series and Best Actress awards). While taking over the world, she totes a YSL bag in buttery-soft white leather.