Charli D'Amelio Says Kim Kardashian "Inspired" Her to Work on Prison Reform

The social media star has partnered with REFORM Alliance.

Kim Kardashian and Charli D'Amelio
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Charli D'Amelio is acknowledging Kim Kardashian's impact on her desire to pursue prison reform work.

As she partners with REFORM Alliance, the TikTok star spoke to People about her motivation for getting involved with the cause—including the huge influence Kardashian has had on her decision to do so.

"I heard Kim speak on this issue at a dinner hosted at Michael Rubin’s house that really kicked off the idea for REFORM’s Future Shapers Advisory Council," D'Amelio explained.

"She talked about what inspired her to get involved in fighting for reform and gave us advice on how to use our platforms to change policies and help people in the system."

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The D'Amelio Show star went on to share how compelling she found Kardashian's story of seeking pardon for Alice Marie Johnson back in 2018.

"I was really blown away by the impact she’s had," D'Amelio continued. "Kim has helped so many people directly and her involvement with REFORM and other groups helped pass laws that have changed thousands and thousands of lives."

The dancer explained that she wanted to use her platform to raise awareness for the ways the criminal justice system fails people—some of whom she met through attending REFORM events—and educate Gen Z on the issue.

"The main people that end up suffering are their children," she said. "Meeting the young kids affected by the cycle really broke my heart."

She concluded, "This is not about excusing crimes. It's about a system that cares more about being punitive due to technicalities."

Kardashian has been advocating for prison reform for years, and has been open about her journey to becoming an attorney—a goal she's pursuing in part to help those who are hurt by the prison system in its current form.

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