Kirsten Vangsness and Aisha Tyler Play 'How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?'

The 'Criminal Minds: Evolution' stars were thrown for a loop during our trivia game.

We're a bit true-crime obsessed here at MC, so you can bet Criminal Minds is at the top of our watch list. The hit series reboot, dubbed Criminal Minds: Evolution, was just renewed for another season, meaning even more twisted storylines are on the way. What we're most excited about, though, is seeing more of our favorite agents in the tight-knit FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit.

To really prove how close the Criminal Minds cast is, we sat down with Kirsten Vangsness and Aisha Tyler, who play Penelope Garica and Dr. Tara Lewis, respectively, for a co-star trivia challenge we call "How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?" The two attempted to answer questions about each other's first jobs, favorite (and least favorite) foods, and travel destinations. And while we love Criminal Minds, we did not make things easy for the castmates. In fact, we even got Tyler to mutter under her breath, "Damn it all to hell," on a particularly tricky question. 

All in all, Vangsness and Tyler ended the challenge with a tied score, proving their friendship goes much further than on-screen. The pair even shared they get together for a ladies night, perfectly dubbed "hot tub wine machine," in which they sit in a hot tub, drink wine, and chat about their pay in Hollywood. "We are girl's girls and that is very important to me, and it's a value I hold and I know Aisha holds the same, and we all hold that so it's a really affirming place to be a lady," Vangsness explains of their bonding nights. 

Watch Vangsness and Tyler hilariously struggle through our trivia challenge, above, then catch their co-star chemistry on Criminal Minds: Evolution, streaming now on Paramount+. 

Brooke Knappenberger
Associate Commerce Editor

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