Daniel Radcliffe Is "So Dramatically Bored" of Will Smith/Chris Rock Discourse

Daaamn, Daniel.

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Daniel Radcliffe is putting his foot down.

The Harry Potter actor has had enough of the ongoing Will Smith/Chris Rock/Jada Pinkett Smith/Oscars/slap discourse, and he wasn't afraid to say as much on "Good Morning Britain" on March 31.

When asked if he was going to play the "I was in the toilet when it happened" card on the U.K. show, Radcliffe said cheerfully, "Yeah, no, I saw it. I'm just so already dramatically bored of hearing people's opinions about it that I just don't want to be another opinion adding to it" (via Metro).

I suppose it's kind of ironic that he's contributing to the discourse by refusing to contribute to the discourse, but he couldn't help what questions he was asked during the interview, could he?

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Anywho, moving swiftly on for Radcliffe's sake, the actor was actually invited on the show to promote his new movie, The Lost City, in which he plays the villain (!!!) to Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum's good guys.

"GMB" co-host Ben Shephard asked Radcliffe if it was true Bullock had asked for his autograph, but he quickly denied it. "Not for her!" he said (via the Mirror). "I would love to be like, 'Sandra Bullock asked for my autograph for her.' Her sister, I think, is a Potter fan."

Told that that's still pretty damn awesome, Radcliffe was forced to admit it was a bit. "I know. It's weird. I'm still... my mind is blown by the idea that that would impress anyone, but it was very, very flattering," he said. Bless this man's heart.

Co-host Susanna Reid protested, "You are of that status and profile to those actors, aren't you?"

But Radcliffe answered, "I don't know. I just can't ever... like, I've watched Sandra Bullock's movies my whole life, she's like an icon, I could never think of myself as being in that category, so that's very kind of you, but I won't agree."

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