Eva Longoria Lets Her 4-Year-Old Son Drink Her Coffee for This Important Reason

Hereeee for this.

Actress Eva Longoria and her son Santiago Baston are seen on July 22, 2022 in Marbella, Spain.
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Eva Longoria is fostering a healthy relationship with food in her four-year-old son Santiago Enrique.

The actress and filmmaker has partnered with the Kellogg's Breakfast For All initiative, which benefits No Kid Hungry, and spoke out about how she encourages Santiago's curiosity in the world—whether that's when it comes to food or to the people in our communities.

"I want his relationship to food to be very healthy," she told POPSUGAR in a new interview.

"He's at an age where he eats everything. If I'm eating something, he'll ask me about it.

"For example, he's obsessed with my morning coffee. He'll ask if he can have some, and I'll say, 'Absolutely, but you might not like it.'"

That way, she lets Santiago decide for himself what he likes and doesn't like, without labeling foods as "good" or "bad."

"That curiosity, I support," Longoria explained.

The actress also revealed that her son loves helping out in the kitchen, and that she loves having him as a sous-chef—even if things don't always go to plan. "I love cooking with him when he gets involved," she said.

"You can't care about the mess or if eggshells get in the bowl. It's like free play."

Thanks to all this experimentation, Longoria adds, "he's really comfortable in the kitchen."

The Desperate Housewives star shares Santiago, who was born in 2018, with her husband José Bastón, who is a producer and executive.

She regularly opens up about their adorable mother-son relationship on social media, posting photos of the two of them together, and sharing what a special bond they have. It's just lovely.

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