Buckingham Palace's Elusive Layout Has Never Been Made Public — But Researchers May Have Cracked It Anyway

Experts dug deep to figure out the layout.

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Buckingham Palace is one of the most iconic buildings on the planet. The 775-room building has served as the official London residence of British sovereigns since 1837. In spite of its massive place in pop culture and history, no current floor plan is readily available to the public.

Determined to give the public more insight into the layout of the iconic residence, researchers at HomeAdvisor set about crafting the most accurate version of the floor plan currently available on the internet. To create the floor plan, their team poured through every available photo and video of the interiors of Buckingham Palace to uncover the layout of every room. They also gathered additional information from the Royal Collection Trust and the official website of the British Royal Family, and then handed all of their intel over to architect Jelena Popovic to create floor plans for each section of the Palace. Those plans were then sent along to an architectural designer, along with high-quality images of Buckingham Palace to use as reference to create the final designs.

It's worth noting that, even though these floor-plans are accurate according to all available information about the palace, there are some areas of Buckingham Palace that remain a mystery to the public and are totally off-limits to everyone except for actual royals and official palace staff.

Take a look at this gallery for an unprecedented peek inside the Queen's London home.

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