The Queen Is Hiring a Full-Time Staffer Who Will Live in Buckingham Palace With Her

You can apply right now.

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Ever thought about working for the Queen? You'd be just like Martine McCutcheon in Love Actually, only without the politics and, presumably, the romance. Now's your chance: Buckingham Palace is hiring a kitchen porter for the Queen, with the added bonus that you actually get to live in Buckingham Palace.

Remember, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton all reside in Kensington Palace (about two miles away)—so you'll only be working with the Queen, not the entire royal family. But that's really not so bad, right? I mean, it's the freaking Queen. She must have a wealth of knowledge that she no doubt can share with you while you brew her a cup of Earl Gray. (That's how I imagine the role, anyway.)

Here's the job description, per Buckingham Palace's official website:

You’ll join a committed Kitchen team who work together to prepare and serve food to the very highest standards. By maintaining the kitchen and clear-up areas you'll ensure our chefs and assistants have all they need to deliver meals throughout the day. You’ll also on occasion assist with food preparation.

It's a full-time job that pays just under 20,000 pound Sterling—$26,000 per year—and notes: "This role offers the option of live-in accommodation (for which there is a salary adjustment) with all meals provided."

And if the option of living rent-free doesn't convince you to apply, this will.

Your reward package includes 33 days holiday.

Plus: You don't have to have any experience in professional kitchen porter-ing.

Previous experience is not necessary for this role as training will be provided, but you will be interested in working as part of a professional hospitality operation.

Most important is that you’re a natural team player, happy to get involved, use initiative and work with your colleagues to achieve a smooth daily service.

You'd be working for the stern-sounding branch that is the "Master of the Household’s Office," which will certainly make you a hit at parties.

Rather unfortunately, you have to be a British citizen to apply, or be able to work in the U.K. If you do, you can apply right here.


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