The Queen Wore a Bright Green Dress for Her Speech and Became a Meme

The Queens' green screen-esque dress during her special coronavirus address made for the perfect meme opportunity.

  • After the Internet/Twitter/bored graphics experts made Queen Elizabeth II and Boris Johnson a meme, they're at it again: Her bright green dress during her weekend address about coronavirus made the perfect Photoshop opportunity.
  • Twitter users swapped out the dress with an Iron Maiden logo, Baby Yoda meme, pictures of adorable animals, and so much more.
  • Actually, the color was significant for another (more serious) reason.

The fact that the vast majority of tech-savvy people are sitting at home with lots of free time on their hands has led to some truly terrific Internet moments—much needed, honestly, during a pretty scary time. First, it was the Queen and Boris Johnson having a serious phone call that was guaranteed to become a meme the second the Royal Family shared it. And now it's the Queen's lovely, historic address to the UK in a pretty green dress—that happens to be the perfect color for Photoshop experts to put patterns over. (Green screens are used in film production because it doesn't match skin color or, usually, outfits, so a CGI background/effect can be easily "placed" around the person. Which is exactly what people did here.)

It all started when writer/cartoonist Peter Chiykowski (his name now reads "Peter Chiykowski respects the Queen, I promise," lol) called the green dress "the perfect Photoshop bait." "I, for one, would like to thank the Queen for making her royal address and providing the nation with something it sorely needs right now," he added. And then he proceeded to swap out the green dress with a picture of the Queen in glorious tie-dye with a cat meme on it:

And it for sure did not end there. Chiykowski Photoshopped the Queen wearing an Iron Maiden shirt, a Monty Python reference, and even a Baby Yoda meme:

And you can absolutely bet that other Twitter users jumped on the bandwagon in a big way. Seriously, the entire thread is worth a read, but here are a few epic standouts:

The Queen wears the Queen:

A little Tiger King synergy, right there:

If it's not expanding properly for you, her top now reads, "Carole Baskin killed her husband."

Oh my God it's a GIF!!

Dear lord, the best (the Queen as an interested buyer at a novelty tee shop makes my day):

A couple users (eyeroll) said that Chiykowski's memes were disrespectful, to which he had a pointed, spectacular response:

And he also highlighted a couple Queen-supported Soundcloud charities we can donate to, on a more serious note. Slow clap, sir.

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