Celebrities Joined in Honoring Breonna Taylor on What Would Have Been Her 27th Birthday

Thousands around the world paid tribute to Breonna Taylor on what would have been her 27th birthday, including several celebrities.

Breonna Taylor Birthday
Breonna Taylor Birthday
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Friday, June 5, would have been Breonna Taylor's 27th birthday. Taylor, an EMT, was killed in her home two months ago when police officers shot her eight times during an attempted drug sting. Taylor's mother, Tamika Palmer, paid tribute to her during an interview with Good Morning America.

"Breonna was just full of life. She loved life and she'd light up a room," Palmer said. "In that brief moment, where people forgot about her for two months at a time, people need to know that Breonna Taylor mattered and that Breonna Taylor was great."

Thousands took to social media to pay tribute to Taylor on her birthday, many using the hashtag #SayHerName. Here are just some of the messages from celebrities who used their platforms to honor Taylor and call for justice in her name.

1. Gabrielle Union

"#BreonnaTaylor should be celebrating her 27th birthday today but she was murdered as she slept by police. She worked tirelessly to help people as an EMT. A job she loved. She should be here celebrating her big day with her family and friends. No one has been arrested. The people responsible walk free. #SayHerName Know her story. She should be here. So many Black women have met the same fate. We must not forget Black women when we are fighting."

2. Beyoncé

"Justice for Breonna. Click the link in my bio to take action."

3. Lizzo

"Today would’ve been #breonnataylor birthday. She should be here. Instead she was murdered by police in what they’re calling a “clerical error”. They barged into her home without knocking and shot her in her sleep. She worked for us during the covid pandemic, she was an innocent civilian. SAY HER NAME. DEMAND JUSTICE ON HER BIRTHDAY. NO ARRESTS HAVE BEEN MADE. @govandybeshear @senatemajldr @drrandpaul @danieljaycameron MAKE THIS RIGHT. Post by @ju.niyah 🌸"

4. Jada Pinkett Smith

"Breonna Taylor would have been 27 today. Take a moment to say her name 27 times today so that we may never forget 🖤✨."

5. Demi Lovato

"#BirthdayForBreonna 💙💜 #SayHerNameI demand justice for Breonna!! @govandybeshear @danieljaycameron @drrandpaul @senatorrandpaul @senatemajldr — Do the right thing RIGHT NOW."

6. Jessica Alba

"It’s Breonna Taylor’s birthday! #SayHerNameShe would have been 27 years old today. She was in her home in Louisville, KY on March 13th when officers barged in without warning, fired off and took Breonna’s life. The police were at the wrong house. She was an emergency medical technician with hopes and dreams just like us.Please honor Breonna’s birthday and demand justice for her and her family by following the link in my profile with 10 action steps we all can take."

7. Katie Holmes

8. Amandla Stenberg

"🕊 Happy Birthday Breonna 🕊 Say her name! We haven’t been speaking it enough! This movement must protect and honor the black femmes and trans women existing at intersections of oppression. Donate to Breonna’s family today - will be posting in my story. 🤍#breonnataylor"

9. Janet Jackson

"SAY HER NAME 💔 In honor of Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday today, we are calling for justice to be served. ⁣⁣Breonna was an essential worker murdered at the height of a pandemic in her HOME. She was killed by police with a barrage of bullets that struck her at least 8 times. ⁣⁣They were executing a no-knock warrant for another suspect that was already in their custody. The FBI finally opened an investigation into her shooting today, but no officers have been arrested, charged, or even disciplined yet.⁣⁣When we say #blacklivesmatter, that must include Black women & Black LGBTQ+ lives, too. Use your voice for them just like you did for #GeorgeFloyd. ⁣⁣Donate, protest, petition and DEMAND #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor. ⁣⁣#allblacklivesmatter #breonnataylor #sayhername #birthdayforbreonna"

10. Hailey Baldwin

"Breonna Taylor would’ve been 27 years old today. None of the officers responsible for her death were ever arrested! Click the link in my bio for ways to help bring #justiceforbreonnataylor art by @gracieleeart 💘"

11. The Game

"Today you would be 27 years old. Today you would be celebrating your beautiful life. Instead today we are in still in deep mourning because your life was taken from you prematurely at the hands of the Louisville Metro Police Department & 3 of its incompetent officers who entered your home with malicious intent serving a “no knock warrant” when the people the police were looking for were already in custody. Officers opened fire & shot you 8 times, killing you in cold blood because your car was suspected to be parked outside of a home they were investigating. A beautiful soul, taken from her family & friends due to negligent police work & a killer squad of officers in Louisville who simply had the wrong house. This is a picture of me & you to remind people of just how big your smile was & though our interaction was brief, I can attest to the amazing energy you exuded & how genuinely happy you were to meet me this night. “Jayceon, you said to get my attention”.... as that always does”. I turned around & you asked for a picture & after you said “Thank you so much, we have the same last name & tell little Cali I said hi”. I appreciate you & I am the one thankful for the picture with such a beautiful soul. Your life was taken but your name will never be forgotten...... “BREONNA TAYLOR” #SayHerName #BlackLivesMatter #HappyBirthdayBeautiful 🖤"

12. Kate Hudson

"Today Breonna Taylor’s would have been 27. No arrests have been made. #SayHerName #BreonnaTaylor #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor (Art @arielsinhaha )"

13. Bobby Berk

"Today Breonna should have been with her family celebrating her 27th birthday. Celebrating her life of service as a paramedic who was risking her own life on the front lines of the covid-19 pandemic. Instead though her family and the world is in mourning because her life was taken from us during an illegal no-knock/warrant police raid at the incorrect address. Since that time nothing has been done. No one has been held accountable for coming into her home and shooting her 8 times while she sat in her living room. THIS HAS TO CHANGE! ACCOUNTABILITY MUST BE HAD. YOU CANNOT MURDER SOMEONE AND GET AWAY WITH IT NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE.

#justiceforbreonnataylor #happybirthdaybreonnataylor PLEASE SHARE THIS AND TAG @lmpd.ky AND EMAIL GOVERNOR@KY.gov 🎨 @robinxhilkey"

14. Emma Watson

"Breonna Taylor was murdered back in MARCH. Her case came to light before George Floyd was murdered and was garnering some national attention. She is being mentioned less and less in the wake of Floyd’s murder. Although folks in Louisville, KY have been protesting in order to have her murderers arrested, they still remain free.Tomorrow would have been her 27th Birthday. Join us in celebrating her by participating in one of the activities posted in the link in my bio.#SayHerName#BreonnaTaylor#allblacklivesmatter"

15. Rachel Zoe

"This young beautiful soul Breonna Taylor would have been 27 years old today. She was an EMT working on the frontlines during the pandemic. Her life was taken tragically , in her own home, by police officers who have yet to be arrested. I do not and cannot fathom yet another horrific case of total injustice in this country. I am shattered and beyond angry by yet another loss of a young innocent human being. Please help bring justice to this senseless act of hatred and Head to my story for ways to get involved and to demand justice. 🖤#justiceforbreonnataylor #sayhername #breonnataylor #blm"

16. Chloe Moretz

"Today would be her 27th birthday. Let’s honor her. Call! Engage. Every single black life matters. #justiceforbreonnataylor #blacklivesmatter."

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