Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney Recall MTV Meet Cute with Drew Barrymore

I swear this romcom was written in the stars!

Sydney Sweeney, Drew Barrymore, and Glen Powell
(Image credit: The Drew Barrymore Show/YouTube)

We love a full-circle moment—particularly when it is proverbially wrapped up in the loving embrace of a romantic comedy film. Like when Drew Barrymore—a romcom queen herself!—gifted Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell an MTV Movie Award, like the one Powell handed to Sweeney the first time they met.

Say it with us now, folks: Awwwwww!!!

While bopping around in the Drewber (Drew's version of the car ride interview segment popular with hosts these days) in support of their hotly-anticipated forthcoming romantic comedy, Anyone But You, the duo were handed a golden popcorn statue from Barrymore, which led to the adorable recounting.

"This is our real-life meet-cute," Powell laughed at the reveal, turning to the clearly shocked host before adding, "Did you know this?"

No, Glen, clearly Drew did not know this information (although maybe the producers of the segment did?)! Tell us more!

"So the first time we ever met, Glen was presenting me an MTV Movie Award," Sweeney explained to an absolutely delighted Barrymore. Indeed: Powell first met Sweeney when he and his fellow Top Gun: Maverick costar Jay Ellis presented her with the 2022 Best Fight award for their knock down, drag-out fight on Euphoria.

Powell joined his own glee to the chorus of excitement in the Drewber, adding: "That's how we met! So literally—for best fight—I handed Sydney the golden popcorn, and then she looked at me like this, and then she decided to cast me in a rom-com. The rest is history."

Sigh. Is there anything cuter than stuff like this? Particularly when the romcom in question has been as buzzed about as this one has been since they went into production on it?

We're more than ready for Sydney and Glen to be our new Meg and Tom.

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