And Now, Helena Bonham Carter Being Fabulous

Sorry, did you need another reason?

Helena Bonham Carter One Life Premiere
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On Thursday, November 30, 2023, Helena Bonham Carter went to the London premiere of the film "One Life" and someone took a photo. And now we're publishing it here for you to see. Isn't that fun?

Helena Bonham Carter: the woman who once got drunk and tried to convince Prince William to be her daughter's godfather? The Crown's Princess Margaret of a certain age? The woman who told Megan Markle to ignore the trolls? Yes, that very one.

I'm sorry, did you need another reason to gaze upon the glory that is one of the greatest human treasures of our time? Was there something that was somehow lacking for you in this image? This photo of a fantastically talented woman in her '50s just showing up somewhere is not enough of a hook for you to continue reading? What's wrong with you?

Helena Bonham Carter One Life Premiere

(Image credit: Getty Images)

I mean, just look at her! I'm 37 and I wish I looked like this NOW. The unbothered attitude? The effortlessly chic hair? The "alright well got on with it and just take the photo already" look in her eyes? The comfortable/practical shoes (not pictured)?

If you can't appreciate Helena Bonham Carter simply being Helena Bonham Carter, you may be a lost cause, my friends. She is like if Miss Frizzle and Miss Havisham had a baby; if a black cat and Persephone herself concocted a human form to co-inhabit; she has mastered the art of "no fucks given" and I, for one, think that should be celebrated.

Anyway, I hope Helena Bonham Carter and her appreciators are having a good day.

Alicia Lutes
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