Helena Bonham Carter Once Got Drunk and Tried to Convince Prince William to Be Her Daughter's Godfather

Helena Bonham Carter shared a story about a time she met Prince William and drunkenly asked if he would be a godfather to her daughter, Nell.

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Helena Bonham Carter plays Princess Margaret in Season 3 of The Crown, and the actress has had some real life run-ins with royalty, too.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night, Carter shared a particularly hilarious story about a drunken encounter she had with Prince William.

"I wasn't that drunk, but enough drunk for me not to drink anymore," she told host Andy Cohen. "[Prince William] wasn't totally sober himself—not in a bad way, it was just very jolly."

Even though Will was a "jolly" level of tipsy, he wasn't on board for Carter's next request. The actress revealed that, during the slightly-drunken conversation, she asked the royal to be the godfather to her daughter, Nell Burton.

"Thing is, I'd spent all my friends as godparents on my first child, so Billy [Burton] had 11 godparents. So, I thought I could make up for Nell, you know who suddenly came along and we didn't have any left. I thought, 'Well, if I give her Prince William that would cover,' you know?"

Prince William, with the hilarious, blunt honesty that being a little tipsy brings, passed. "He just said, 'You don't want me to be godfather to your child.' And I left. I mean obviously, it didn't work out."

Watch the interview yourself:

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