James Blunt Just Found Out His Autograph Actually Devalues His Book

Thankfully he has a sense of humor about it.

James Blunt backstage at the Hampton Court Palace Festival at Hampton Court Palace on June 14, 2011 in London, England.
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James Blunt has found out some news that would be pretty depressing to anyone else, but thankfully the singer has his undying sense of humor to get him through.

Blunt took to his favorite medium, Twitter, to share a discovery he made while browsing the British bookseller Waterstones' website.

"Been investigating how much my autograph is worth," he wrote, alongside a screenshot from the retailer.

In the screenshot, Blunt's 2020 book How to Be a Complete and Utter Blunt appears in two versions: one unsigned, and one signed by the author. The unsigned version retails for £14.99, while the signed edition retails for £12.99, meaning his autograph literally devalues the book.

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One commenter asked, "May I suggest using pencil in future?"

Another made a reference to one of Blunt's two hit songs, writing, "Did it disappoint you? Or let you down?"

Another joked, "Can you send me your autograph please, the £2 you owe me should cover the postage"

In a twist of fate, How To Be A Complete and Utter Blunt is actually a humorous book about Blunt's rise to social media stardom thanks to his hilarious self-deprecating posts.

For example, back in 2022, when people were up in arms about the Joe Rogan podcast on Spotify and its vaccine misinformation, Blunt threatened to release new music if the streaming platform didn't do something about Rogan. The joke here was that lots of artists had threatened to (or actually did) take their music off Spotify for the same reason, but that Blunt received a lot of flak for his two 2004 hit songs, "You're Beautiful" and "Goodbye My Lover," so he felt releasing music would be the worse punishment.

While I do think Blunt is too harsh on himself, I appreciate the jokes we get out of it, as do many, many others.

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