James Blunt Threatened to Release New Music on Spotify If They Didn't Remove Joe Rogan's Podcast

Spotify execs are shaking in their boots.

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I don't think they give out medals for being good at Twitter—which is probably for the best because I would die never having tasted sweet glory. But if they did in fact give out medals for being good at Twitter, I think we can all agree that James Blunt would rack 'em all up.

For his latest trick, the proud two-hit wonder addressed the whole Joe Rogan/Spotify controversy. After Neil Young asked the streaming platform to choose between his music and Rogan's podcast, and they picked the latter, Blunt thought he would try a different strategy.

"If @spotify doesn’t immediately remove @joerogan, I will release new music onto the platform. #youwerebeautiful," he tweeted.

In case that went over your head, James Blunt is responsible for the mid-noughties ballads "You're Beautiful" and "Goodbye My Lover," and although many people loved and still love these songs (hi), they were also widely mocked for being too sentimental. In classic British self-deprecating fashion, the singer now regularly takes to social media to join in on the fun.

When one Twitter user vented, "Next door have been playing @JamesBlunt full blast for three days straight. Quite frankly, throttling them would be beautiful, it's true," Blunt was concerned. "You should probably go and check if they’re ok," he answered via quote-tweet.

But that doesn't mean he'll take all the insults lying down. When someone told him, "Love it! Magic to hear a self deprecating person like yourself! I hated that ‘goodbye my lover’ song but man you a great guy!" Blunt had some well wishes to share: "Cheers Alain! There are lots of things I dislike about you too, but I’m hoping one day to find something I like about you as well!" Heart-warming.

It's also worth noting that, while Joe Rogan spreads vaccine misinformation, James Blunt is a big fan of, um, science and not getting sick.

"Guys, the government are giving away free drugs, and I am trying ALL of them," he tweeted recently alongside a photo of three vaccine cards, one for an AstraZeneca shot, one for a Pfizer, and one for a Moderna.

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