People Are Obsessed With This Video of Jennifer Garner Washing Her Cat in the Sink

Nobody show Jen's mom.

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Jennifer Garner is once again Hollywood's most wholesome celeb. This time, she's not roaming around a farmers' market or getting emotional about her kids, but washing a large cat in the sink—and people are lapping it up.

The video has surfaced on Twitter, and shows Garner working to get her cat out of a sticky situation. "Something's gone awry. Moose pooped his pants," the actress says while covering the animal in question's ears. "We can't live like this. He's befouled," she continues.

Garner then ferries the big furry guy over to a laundry room sink and massages him with shampoo. "Oh is that nice? Oh, what a good cat," she says, as Moose complies with the washing. Then, he tries to escape just as she wrinkles her nose and says, "oh, it smells even more."

The star then goes onto make her poor cat face the camera and, playing with his head, she sings in a funny voice, "Yes I've seen the Muffin Man, he lives on Drury Lane."

As she continues her washing, she explains, "I've never met a nicer cat than this cat. Which is why I feel badly making fun of what's happened to his butt. There's something caught."

At this point, this saint of a cat starts to protest, trying his best to escape this unwarranted shower and climb up over Garner.

The actress then loses some of her cool, asking, "What's to be done? What would my mom do?" Speaking to the cat, she says, "She would get you in here! For Pat! For Pat! Get in here for Pat."

Yep, adulthood has me asking my mom for help at every corner, too.

Garner and a helper (possibly her daughter, but whoever it is' head is cut off by the camera) finally get the cat washed, but not before half-drowning the floor in water and leaving the actress' neck bloodied. "I deserve this. I don't blame him," she says, before imploring her mother not to watch the video.

People absolutely loved the video, with the original poster writing, "This video of Jennifer Garner bathing her cat takes up at least 1/4 of my mental real estate."

Others popped into the replies with advice—some helpful and some... less. "random psa for anyone who doesnt know what to do when scared cats sink their claws into u: u gotta hold them tighter and more securely so they dont think they gotta hold on for life. support their butt. its counterintuitive like a finger trap," someone helpfully explained.

"Not sure why she's doing this the hard way there is a washer and dryer right there in the same room," said someone less helpful, but with a great sense of humor.

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