Ayo Edebiri Personally Apologized to Jennifer Lopez for Past Hurtful Comments About Her "With Tears in Her Eyes”

Owning it takes courage.

Jennifer Lopez (Paris Fashion Week) and Ayo Edebiri (on SNL).
Edebiri and Lopez
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Who would've thought that a podcast interview from four years ago would come back to haunt you? Not Ayo Edebiri, I'm guessing. (A lesson for us all: be mindful, for it, whatever "it" is, almost always comes back around.)

The award-winning actress from The Bear had an old clip of her resurface when it was announced she would be hosting Saturday Night Live with Jennifer Lopez as a musical guest.

In that clip from the "Scam Goddess" podcast, Edebiri spoke poorly of Lopez and her musical ability. Oops.

Host Laci Mosley claimed that Lopez’s “whole career” was “one long scam.”

Edebiri responded, “I think she thinks that she’s still good, even though she’s not singing for most of these songs. A lot of the write-ups of the songs will be like, ‘J.Lo didn’t have time to make it to the studio.’ Like, ‘J.Lo was busy.’ Doing what? Not singing, obviously.”

Many wondered if Lopez had seen this interview now that the video was trending and how she felt sharing a stage with Edebiri.

Jennifer Lopez, Ayo Edebiri, and Heidi Gardner on SNL.

Jennifer Lopez, Ayo Edebiri, and Heidi Gardner on Saturday Night Live

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Well, it turns out Lopez knew all about it, and even received a personal apology from Edebiri.

"She was mortified and very sweet," Lopez told Variety, "She came to my dressing room and apologized with tears in her eyes, saying how terrible it was that she had said those things. She felt really badly and loved my performance because we had just done my soundcheck and she actually got to hear me perform. She was just like, ‘I’m so fucking sorry, it was so awful of me.’”

Mikey Day as Danny, Andrew Dismukes as Tyler, and host Ayo Edebiri as Annie during the "Why'd You Say It" sketch on Saturday, February 3, 2024.

Ayo Edebiri owned her comments during this sketch

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This infamous podcast interview also came up in one of Edebiri's sketches that night. In the sketch, Edebiri and other SNL actors are on a game show where they must confront things they've said online.

In a very meta moment, Edebiri addresses the camera and says, "It's wrong to leave mean comments or post mean comments just for clout, or run your mouth on a podcast and you don't consider the impact because you are 24 and stupid, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that from now on, we're gonna be a lot more thoughtful about what we post online."

Well said.

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