Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Have Put Their Marital Home on the Market, Sources Say

The couple is reportedly selling their $60 million Beverly Hills mansion.

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If recent reports are to be believed, things aren't looking good for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage.

Multiple sources tell TMZ that the pair have officially put their marital home on the market, further speculating their two-year marriage is headed for divorce.

According to the publication, Lopez and Affleck "are using realtor Santiago Arana from The Agency" to sell their Beverly Hills mansion, which they purchased just over one year ago for over $60 million. According to TMZ, it took the couple over two years and time spent looking at more than 80 properties before they decided to purchase the post-nuptials estate.

The same sources told TMZ that the pair's marital home has been on the market for two weeks, and so far there are no serious buyers. Sources also tell the outlet that Lopez is currently looking to purchase another home.

A source had previously confirmed to In Touch that Affleck had "already moved out" of the couple's shared home, adding that the pair are "likely to sell the dream house they spent two years searching for."

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attend the Los Angeles Special Screening Of "Marry Me" on February 08, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attend the Los Angeles Special Screening Of "Marry Me" on February 08, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

(Image credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

According to a source who recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight, the couple doesn't "want to get divorced,” despite new reports indicating the writing is on the proverbial wall.

“They’re not done yet,” the source told the publication, adding that Lopez and Affleck “want to fix things.”

The same source said that the pair are “dealing with some problems” that apparently contributed to the end their first, early aughts engagement.

"Jen has been feeling pressure with all her work commitments, and Ben is more chill and doesn’t care about Hollywood and the stuff that comes along with it,” the source explained. “He feels like ups and downs are part of life, and everyone has these moments.”

Recently, Lopez canceled her “This Is Me…Live" tour, scheduled to run from June to August, after disappointing ticket sales and ongoing rumors that her marriage is on the rocks.

According to a written statement from Live Nation, Lopez is “taking time off to be with her children, family, and close friends." Lopez also shared a statement to her fans on hr website, saying that she was "completely heartsick and devastated about letting you down."

“Please know that I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t feel that it was absolutely necessary," she added.

The same source that told In Touch Affleck had moved out of the Beverly Hills mansion, said that the pair would "never stop loving each other," before adding that Lopez "can't control" Affleck, and Affleck "can't change" Lopez.

"There’s no way it could have lasted," the source told the publication at the time. "They waited almost two decades to get back together, but in the end, they just couldn’t make it work…They both said they’d matured and learned from their mistakes, but some of the bigger issues that tore them apart the first time remained the same.” 

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