Kate Middleton’s Friends Describe Her as an Introvert Who Doesn’t Want to Go to Parties

"But she did fall in love with a prince."

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Kate Middleton turns 40 Sunday, and has accomplished so much in that short time: A seemingly perfect marriage, three adorable children who are raised with a surprising amount of normalcy, numerous charitable ventures, and a photography hobby that she’s already turned into a moving book. And while she makes all of that look totally effortless, some of her friends are revealing that not all of the royal duties expected of her come naturally to Duchess Kate. 

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a friend of Kate’s explained that “'Public life is full of extroverts, people who seek the limelight and enjoy it. And she isn’t one of them.” Instead, the friend explained, Kate is very much a private person who would rather stay home with the kids than go out (we previously reported on another friend who explained she always just wanted a house in the countryside, rather than fame). “There is no way Catherine would be doing anything in public life if she hadn’t fallen in love with William. She is very open about that,” the friend added. 

So how does being an introvert affect Kate when it comes to royal responsibilities? “She doesn’t want to go to parties and would prefer to live the quiet life at home with her family,” the friend said. However, Kate also knows that her duties sometimes have to usurp her personal preferences. “But she did fall in love with a prince and they have developed into a really good team.” 

The friend also had some adorable things to say about Kate’s relationship with Prince William. “William and their children are the center of her world and nothing works without her family,” they said. “They have worked hard together as a couple to create a balance and whatever comes next, they are doing it from a place of stability.” 

That tracks with what we know about Kate’s parenting style, too: By all accounts, the Cambridges are raising their children as normally as possible. Prince George and Princess Charlotte even go to a regular school where they’re not treated differently than the other children.

Honestly, the fact that Kate is a little uncomfortable out in public only makes her effortless confidence and gravitas at events that much more impressive. 

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