Kate Middleton Regularly Takes Her Kids to the Trampoline Park Just Like "Any Other Mum," Reportedly

How fun is that?

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I don't know about you, but I love getting a whiff of the royals just being, like, normal people.

Here's a sweet one for you: Kate Middleton apparently likes to take her kids to a trampoline park, somewhere in South-West London, presumably not too far from Kensington Palace.

"Kate takes her kids to the trampoline park quite regularly and really blends in as any other mum," a source recently told Hello!.

"She went a couple of Saturdays ago with George and Louis and took her shoes off like everyone else, and was walking around the edge of the trampolines following her sons. It was a very down-to-earth mum moment, very sweet."

It's unclear whether Princess Charlotte sometimes comes trampolining with the other three, but what's for sure is that this is such a lovely little factoid about the Cambridge fam.

Other recent instances of the royals engaging in normal-person activities include the time the Duchess of Cambridge bought Prince George and Princess Charlotte a "Mr. Whippy" ice-cream each from a park vendor, the time Prince William brought his daughter to a pizza party for one of her friends' birthdays, and the time the whole family was spotted enjoying a nice, normal pub lunch in Norfolk—with burgers and fries on the menu, of course.

The Cambridges reportedly like to give their children as normal a life as is possible when you grow up as a royal, and they inherited this particular parenting tactic from none other than the late Princess Diana.

"On a Saturday night, you’d see Diana sitting down in front of the TV eating dinner with her boys, it just made everything so normal," former royal chef Darren McGrady recently said.

"Nanny always suggested that the boys have roasted chicken, green vegetables and healthy food, but on a Saturday night the boys could have pizza, the boys could have hamburgers and fried chicken, and things like that.

"It was a special treat. It was Diana’s way of showing them, 'you’re children too,' and we see a lot of that with Kate now too."

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