Kate Middleton and Prince William Were Spotted Eating Burgers and Fries With Their Kids

Surprise! They're a normal family.

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As far as cultural markers go, the pub lunch is more British than Big Ben himself. And because the Cambridges are British, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they too partake—although you wouldn't really expect them to do it in broad daylight with no security around.

But lo and behold, the family of five was spotted doing just that this past weekend in Norfolk, where their Anmer Hall home is located. The Sun reports that Kate Middleton, Prince William and their kids George, Charlotte and Louis enjoyed a traditional pub lunch.

It's unclear whether just William ordered a burger and "chips" AKA fries, or whether they all tucked into the classic dish. What is clear is that the family enjoyed the most normal meal ever, and that this is news precisely because we don't expect the future king of England and his family to do normal things.

A witness added to the whole picture of normalcy and familial contentment. "It was amazing to see how down-to-earth the family were," the source told The Sun. “It would have been easy to miss them—and just assume they were any other family. They were laughing and chatting and clearly enjoying each other’s company."

The witness further described the scene. "They were eating outside, I suppose because it was easier for the children," they said. "There was no security around, just them chilling like any other family. Wills had a burger and chips. They had their pet dog, a spaniel, with them, and they were all laughing. There was one particularly touching moment where one of the children got upset because their food was too hot. William was so fast to reassure them and sort them out. It was fantastic to see."

Cute cute cute.

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