Kate Middleton and Prince William Share the Cutest Ritual With Their Kids Before They Leave on a Trip


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Visit Wales
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Kate Middleton and Prince William were just in Wales for St. David's Day, and they had a grand ol' time while in the country.

As they often do during official visits, the Cambridges took the time to stop and chat with well-wishers who were gathered to spot them during their trip. That's when the duke revealed a sweet little tradition he and his wife share with their children before they travel away from home.

One local woman, Liz Brewer, waited to see the royal couple in the market town of Abergavenny. "How are the children?" she asked them upon meeting them, according to People.

The Duke of Cambridge replied politely, "The children are very well, thank you." He then added a bit of a juicier answer: "They are always asking us where we are going. And we show them where we are on the map." Aw, well, that's just lovely.

Brewer spoke to People directly about the meeting. "I told them that we'd been here for two hours, but it was worth it," she said.

The Cambridges visited the market while in Abergavenny, and seemed to be very much enjoying browsing the stalls and meeting the sellers. "[The duchess] was saying how much she loved the lovely soft Welsh blankets," another local, Kingsley Jones, told People. "I told her that the modern ones are soft compared to the coarse older ones we used to have."

Jones sounded suitably impressed with the royals' attitude, adding, "They are lovely people, and there was no rush as they walked along talking to people, showing an interest in people and the town."

Addressing his and his wife's Wales/England rugby rivalry during their visit to Pant Farm, the duke told owners Gary and Jess Yeomans, "She's wearing a Welsh scarf today though. It's a good family rivalry."

Gary said, "George is going to have to come on your side." (The side in question is Wales, obviously.)

"Don't worry," the duke said. "He's already there." Oh OK, that's news to me!

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