Khloé Kardashian Wants Daughter True to "See Every Version of Herself" in Good American Models

I absolutely love this.

Khloé Kardashian
(Image credit: Good American)

Since Khloé Kardashian co-founded Good American, the brand has been true to its tagline: "Representing Body Acceptance."

Inspired (and incensed) by her horrible experiences shopping in department stores when she was, in her words, "much larger," Kardashian implemented a bunch of different policies for her brand to be as inclusive as it could be.

Every item comes in sizes 00 to 28, and they only sell their clothing to stores who agree to carry the full range and display it all in one place, without distinctions for "petite" and "plus" sizing.

They also make sure to choose models with all sorts of different body types, to make sure they're representing real women in all their glory.

But there's another reason why this body inclusivity was so important to the TV star: her daughter True Thompson's wellbeing.

"There’s not a cookie cutter-shaped woman out there, so there shouldn’t be cookie cutter-shaped models, in my opinion," Kardashian recently told ELLE. "I think everyone needs to feel represented. Now that I’m a mom and have a daughter, I want her to see every version of herself, her friends, and her cousins—I want everyone to feel validated, I guess."

Honestly, yes please, thank you.

The Good American founder further explained what her commitment to diversity looks like, and it sounds like she often has to sacrifice the bottom line in order to stick to it.

"We don’t sell to retail stores unless they’re going to carry the full size range," she reiterated.

"That does financially hinder us a lot because not every department store has the budget to do that; I get having a buying budget, and I respect that, but we want everyone who buys Good American to feel included, respected, and seen.

"Even on our website—which takes a lot more time and money—but on our website, we showcase every item on three different body types.

"That means three different models that we’re paying for the day, and we have to do longer shoot times...there’s a lot more work and more editing, but it’s about the consumer."

Go Khloé!

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