Kim Kardashian Got 100 Percent on a Law Midterm the Day Before Opening a SKIMS Pop-Up Shop

How does she do it???

Kim Kardashian visits the Skims Summer Pop-Up Shop in the Channel Gardens at Rockefeller Center on May 16, 2023 in New York City.
(Image credit: Photo by Kevin Mazur / Getty)

Kim Kardashian is literally killing it right now.

The businesswoman and reality star just revealed that she got 100 percent on a law midterm that she took the day before opening a SKIMS pop-up store in New York City's Rockefeller Center.

On opening day, Kardashian sat down with Today's Savannah Guthrie and talked to her about the store, as well as updating her on season 3 of The Kardashians and her law school progress.

"I'm still studying," Kardashian told the host.

"I'm actually in constitutional law 1 and 2 right now. It's my toughest. Not the biggest fan of it."

Despite having a hard time with these challenging classes, the celeb has been absolutely thriving in school.

"I've been sharing my struggle, but with that said, I took a midterm yesterday," she explained.

"I got 100 percent and then I got a 95 percent on my other midterm.

"So I feel that gives me that boost of confidence again just to push through, and hopefully in the next year or so, I can just take the official bar and be done."

Kardashian passed the baby bar exam in December 2021, after revealing her dream of becoming a lawyer some years before.

In a recent interview, she even claimed that she'd be happy to trade in the reality TV lifestyle for a full-time career as an attorney.

"There's a lot that's always on TV, and a lot that's always out there, but I think my friends and my family know we really cherish a lot of our private times and I would be just as happy being an attorney full time, and doing that," she told CNN anchor Poppy Harlow.

Even before she officially becomes a lawyer, Kardashian has been using her massive influence to help fight for prison reform. For instance, a few years back she famously obtained pardon for Alice Marie Johnson, who had been serving an unfair sentence.

Most recently, Kardashian teamed up with businessman Michael Rubin and the REFORM Alliance to pay off the restitution, fines, and fees for over 50 mothers, to help free them from probation or parole.

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