Kristin Cavallari Sparks Debate After Saying Women's Boyfriends Should Be "Man Enough" to Unfollow Other Girls on Instagram

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Kristin Cavallari has sparked a heated debate online after she said on her podcast that all women's boyfriends should unfollow other girls on Instagram out of "respect" for their partners.

"You want a guy who is going to unfollow the girls when you get into a relationship," Cavallari said on Let's Be Honest. "I think that's important because it's a respect thing."

She went on to explain that men's defense to this is often to say that they're just mindlessly scrolling and don't really pay attention to the "girls in bikinis" they see on social media, and she acknowledged that there was some "truth" to that, but reiterated, "It's a respect thing."

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Cavallari continued, "And I also think maybe my ego is a little bit involved, where it's like I don't want my boyfriend to follow a bunch of random girls, to be like, 'Oh, Kristin Cavallari's boyfriend follows me, like haha, he watches my Stories and stuff,' like no, f*** you! F*** you!"

She explained, "I don't just think that because people know I am, like I don't want any girl to be able to be like, 'Oh yeah, her boyfriend looks at all my sh*t.' So, we should all go for the guys who are f***ing man enough to unfollow these girls and make you feel secure in a relationship. Like, I'm sorry, that's how it should be. Otherwise, f*** these guys, man. Plenty of fish in the sea, f*** 'em."

In the comments, Cavallari clarified, "I don’t mean all the girls ... I mean random girls that they don’t know who post bikini pics etc"

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After the company that produces her podcast, Dear Media, posted a clip of Cavallari making these points on Instagram, the comment section blew up—with people sharing loud opinions on both sides of the argument.

"You want a guy that doesn’t follow all random girls, and actually just follows people he knows!" said one person, while another added, "Real men unfollow out of respect." Someone else wrote, "a whole damn mood! couldn’t agree more.

More people seemed to disagree with Cavallari's approach, however.

"You all give social media too much power in your relationships," commented one follower, with another asking, "Wait, are we talking about high schoolers?"

"Uh no? If you’re in a quality relationship, there should be zero need for either participant to have to unfollow anyone. This is super ick to me," argued someone else.

"It’s not a man’s responsibility to make you feel secure in your relationship. That’s your job. Now, respecting you as a woman and a human is a different story," wrote another follower.

Cavallari has been dating Mark Estes, from the TikTok group Montana Boyz, since earlier this year, and regularly shares snippets from their time together on social media.

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