Machine Gun Kelly Shares an Intimate Song About His Pregnancy Loss With Megan Fox

"How can I live with the fact / That my hand wasn't on her stomach when we lost the baby?"

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly
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Nothing that can prepare a couple for pregnancy loss. But it seems that Colson Baker, known primarily by his artist name, Machine Gun Kelly, is finding a safe space to open up in his music.

In his latest song, "don't let me go," MGK raps about his and partner Megan Fox's miscarriage and his resounding guilt for not being there when it happened, “How can I live with the fact / That my hand wasn't on her stomach when we lost the baby?”

While still too rare, it's more common for women to speak out about pregnancy loss than their partners, making MGK's raw and vulnerable admission all the more vital.

In comments on social media, fans describe these lyrics as "heartbreaking" and applaud him for being "transparent."

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are seen on December 31, 2023 in Aspen, Colorado.

Spotted in Aspen on New Year's Eve: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

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This isn't the first time MGK has used his music as an outlet for this loss. In "twin flame," he sings, “Go to sleep / I’ll see you in my dreams / This changes everything / Now I have to set you free.” The track further appears to feature the sound of a heartbeat throughout, confirming that it may be related to the couple's pregnancy loss.

When performing at the Billboard Music Awards, MGK confirmed that this song was written for his "wife" and their "unborn child." Fox praised his performance and wrote on Instagram, “Baby - so proud of you for giving such a vulnerable and emotional performance. You are magic.”

Additionally, in his song, "last november," MGK sings, “One day and another ten weeks / I never even got to hear your heart beat.”

Machine Gun Kelly, winner of the Alternative Rock Album of the Year award for 'Tickets To My Downfall,’ and Megan Fox attend the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards

Machine Gun Kelly after winning Alternative Rock Album of the Year for 'Tickets To My Downfall,’ and Megan Fox.

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Fox also wrote about the miscarriage in her poetry book Pretty Boys Are Poisonous.

“There is an ultrasound by your side of the bed, 10 weeks and 1 day... Do you think that if she could have, she would have left a suicide note?” Elsewhere, she added, “But now I have to say goodbye / I close my eyes and imagine holding you tight against my chest as they rip you from my insides," Fox wrote.

On Good Morning America, Fox discussed her decision to open up about the loss and said, “I’ve never been through anything like that in my life. I have three kids, so it was very difficult for both of us, and it sent us on a very wild journey together and separately.”

Megan Fox Reads From Her Book "Pretty Boys Are Poisonous"

Megan Fox and her poetry book, "Pretty Boys Are Poisonous."

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MGK and Fox have been together since May 2020, after meeting on the set of the crime thriller Midnight in the Switchgrass. They have been engaged since January 2022. Though rumors have circled about relationship struggles, they were spotted in Aspen together in December, and sources close to the pair claim they are working things out and now prioritize "constructive dialogue and personal growth."

Fox shares three kids with her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green, while MGK shares a daughter with his ex, Emma Cannon.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox go back to their hotel on June 27, 2022 in New York City

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox match in pink.

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