Rebel Yell: 25 Iconic 'Punk for a Day' Tracks

Docs and safety-pinned tees sold separately.

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The fashion industry knows a thing or two about going rogue. After all, last year's Met Gala was themed, PUNK: Chaos to Couture. And while the punk subculture yielded some of the most important anti-establishment style trends, it was first and foremost about the music.

In honor of newly-anointed "Punk for a Day" day, we're looking back at the most provocative and unbridled songs (and covers!) from the genre that captured the spirit of going against the grain. Not to mention, bred many of our favorite badass female artists like Patti Smith, The Runaways, Debbie Harry, Siouxsie Sioux, PJ Harvey, The Slits, Kim Gordon, and more.

From The Clash's anthem "London Calling," to Sonic Youth's "Kool Thing," these 25 songs not only soundtrack our ongoing flirtation with anarchy, but occasionally tug at our heartstrings. Who knew The Ramones could be such softies? Strap on your Docs and listen to our playlist below, and be sure to subscribe to the Marie Claire Spotify profile for future weekly playlists.

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