Demi Lovato Might Be Responsible for the Best Adele "Hello" Cover Yet

You need to watch this.

Demi Lovato
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While Adele's epic return to music has inspired many to try their hand at covering her massive hit, "Hello," only a few covers have really stood out—a young Korean student's (opens in new tab)Rita Ora's (opens in new tab)Joe Jonas's (opens in new tab), and now the arguably most impressive one yet: Demi Lovato's.

During her set at KISS FM's Fall Ball in Seattle, the "Cool for the Summer" singer proved her pipes to be on par with Adele's as she sang every riff of "Hello" note for note. Although her original songs sometimes employ the help of auto-tune and heavy production, the former Disney darling's stripped-down live vocals can clearly hold their own. 

Lovato's joint tour with Nick Jonas, Future Now, kicks off in June—and we're keeping our fingers crossed for more spine-tingling showstoppers like this one: 

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Evan Real
Evan Real