Rashida Jones Made a Music Video About How Much She Misses the '90s



Ann Perkins Rashida Jones has released a video for her new single, "Flip and Rewind," and I have to say, even though I had no clue she was a singer, this song is the jam and it's flooding me with some sweet 90s nostalgia. 

Like this scrunchie: 

And these massive gold hoops: 

The mom jeans/crop top combo: 

This white Kangol cap: 

And dark lipstick all around: 

The ~old school~ video features cameos from Jermaine Dupri, The Buckley Girls, Samantha Ronson, Kidada Jones, Martina Jones, Tevin Campbell, Sal Masekela, Sunny Levine, Ben Baller and Andre Harrell. Phew! That is a 90s all-star line-up worthy of some seriously smooth R&B sounds. Don't worry, Rashida delivers. 

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