Drake's 'Child's Play' Music Video Stars a Famous Diva Who Is *Not* Rihanna

Also, he gets cheesecake smashed in his face and it's glorious.

Apple Music

Drake is continuing his tradition of woo-ing QUEENS with his new video for "Child's Play" which stars Tyra Banks and is my new favorite thing on planet Earth. At 12 minutes, it's less video than experimental short film made by an NYC student with a #budget$ and I love every painful second of it.

Plus, who doesn't want to see Drake get cheesecake and wine thrown at his handsome mug, especially when it's delivered by Tyra? She's such an actress! This should be a challenge on next season of ANTM. I want to see Tyra yelling at some 15-year-old from Wisconsin's cheese belt for not smizing enough when she smashes cake in Drake's face.

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