25 Songs You Need to Listen to Before Heading Out Tonight

This is how MarieClaire.com fashion and beauty editor Lauren Valenti starts her nights out.
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Leading up to a night out on the town, my first concern isn't what shoes I'm going to strap on or how I'm going to wear my hair (although Carrie Bradshaw curls have become a Saturday night go-to). Before I so much as reach for a mascara wand, I thrown on a feel good playlist to pick up the tempo while I try on a million and one different outfits and get myself primped.

What I play is subject to change based on the occasion or my current artists-of-the-moment, but it's always a mix of the classics and hot-off-the-cutting board jams. Typically, I'll lead with Beyoncé (is there any other way?) and follow with a troop of fierce female anthems from the likes of Madonna, Diana Ross, Lorde, Robyn, and more.

Here, we have a 25-track playlist that any women can get down to, whether it's in the midsts of fighting your roomate for the curling iron or evalulating if it's warm enough for that crop top.

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