MC@Play with Eva Simons

The electro-dance singer/songwriter reveals how she dealt with bullies, her generous dream superpower, and a karaoke-driven love for the Backstreet Boys.

Within about 30 seconds of meeting Dutch-born singer/songwriter Eva Simons, it's apparent that she has something different to offer. First of all, there's her hair — sometimes mohawked, sometimes side-swept, and a shimmering shade of ember. But what really stands out is Simons' spark, which is almost as evident in conversation as in her tap-your-feet songs.

We're hardly alone in our fascination with Simons. She's built tons of buzz for her collaborations with, Afrojack and LFMAO — with whom she's touring this summer. "Take Over Control," on which the electro-dance artist is featured, topped the iTunes dance charts globally, has sold nearly a million downloads in the U.S., and its video has ranked up nearly 12 million views on YouTube.

In a video interview with MC's Sergio Kletnoy, Simons describes herself as "very happy, very positive, very alive, and very honest." With her killer Tasmanian Devil impression, humanitarian dream superpower, and a karaoke-driven allegiance to the Backstreet Boys, Simons is most definitely all of those things.

Check out the video for "I Don't Like You," the first single off of her soon-to-come debut album. That way, you'll be in-the-know when it starts playing in every hotspot you frequent.