MC@Play with Lianne La Havas

The beautiful British singer, Lianne La Havas, has more than just a deep, soulful voice with an unbelievable talent for live performance. In fact, this artist is about to hit mega-stardom.

It's hard to imagine a time in which Adele wasn't one of the most respected females in music, and Beyonce hadn't yet become the industry goddess that she is now. So, ladies, take a good hard look (and listen!) to Lianne La Havas, the next huge thing to happen to iTunes.

The rising star recorded her debut album, Is Your Love Big Enough? last summer, and is preparing for a North America tour that includes New York and Montreal, two capitals for genuinely good tunes. With a voice like velvet, it is filled with an undeniable soul that will certainly take the 22-year-old far.

Thanks to Sergio Kletnoy, we at Marie Claire had the pleasure of witnessing Lianne perform her song "Tease Me" in our very own fashion closet, among stilettos and statement jackets. To say we fell in love is a definite understatement.

Still hooked? Check out "Forget," her first single: