Here's a Video of Tiny Justin Timberlake Singing Country Music in a Cowboy Hat

He even has little cowboy boots to match.

Before he was a wildly successful musician, actor, and Saturday Night Live host, Justin Timberlake was a country music enthusiast. In a recently resurfaced video, a baby JT can be seen covering '90s country superstar Garth Brooks's hit "Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House," while wearing a pint-sized cowboy hat with boots to match. He's even got a crazily striped shirt, much like the ones Brooks himself used to wear. Even at that tender age, his vocal chops were pretty impressive. Never forget that before his Mickey Mouse Club and *NSYNC days, Justin was just a boy from Memphis who loved barbecue. Perhaps if this video goes viral enough, Justin will realize his destiny and record a country album. The Highway 20 Experience?

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